A recipe for inner peace

I was asked to contribute to a school’s cookbook for a healthy life.  As all my recipes include lashings of cream, I thought that the following might be more in keeping with their expectations:

So much of life appears to be in a rush, sweeping us up into a maelstrom of activity – children to collect; deadlines to meet; so much to do; expectations to live-up-to. Alongside the rush, and perhaps a consequence of it, there is so much conflict in our world, not just on a global/political scale, but also more locally within the politics of community, work and, at times, even in our homes. It is small wonder that we can become exhausted. So, here is a recipe for the sort of inner peace which can nourish us during the rush and help us avoid becoming part of the conflict.


A large worldview

A generous understanding of others

A sense of proportion

5 minutes of quality time

A measure of humility

A dash of humour

A seasoning of prayer

Find a quiet corner and take the hassles, expectations and dilemmas which demand our time and attention, and set them all against all the troubles, sorrows and joys in the world. Think of all the people we find difficult and see them not as opponents or competitors, but as fellow pilgrims in this life and full of the same vulnerabilities as we are. Think of the really challenging things in our lives and balance them with the good things and the blessing which we fail to count. Allow all this to settle for five minutes and accept that we may be part of the problems we encounter, smile at the nonsense to which we contribute and thank God that we can laugh at ourselves. After five minutes, rejoin the rush.

This recipe gets better if made every day.

One Response to A recipe for inner peace

  1. john cort says:

    The only true remedy for inner peace is to contact the heaven within. It is then one sees this world for what it is and the need to be in the world not of it. You may find the information on my web site helpful in your search for the truth which will set you free. Now there are many seekers but few are they who find. Go to your room and be still and ask


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